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Industry Leader in Asset Management - Marlow Capital

Marlow Capital is an independent asset management and advisory firm, based in South Africa, which provides specialist solutions to its clients. Marlow has two principal businesses, private equity and corporate finance advisory.

Marlow Capital has a sub Saharan Africa focus and has executed successful transactions in south, eastern and western Africa.  The Marlow team has an exceptional track record, having been involved in some of the most successful and landmark corporate finance transactions on the African continent. As strategic partners, we get actively involved with clients and bring our skills, knowledge and relationships from 30 years of experience to provide innovative solutions to key business and transactional challenges.


In private equity, we identify businesses with strong cash flows, sound growth prospects and compelling value propositions, and actively work with management teams to build value over a long term horizon.  Marlow’s private equity activities have a mid market buy-out mandate and our core investment principles are:


Fundamental Value

We seek to identify companies with stable cash flows that can be purchased at the right price.


Pro-active Investment Approach

We look to play an active role in all portfolio investments, and work closely with the managers of portfolio companies to add real value to the businesses.



In all cases Marlow executes transactions with the full support of the management team.


Alignment of Interests

We recognise the importance of aligning Marlow’s interests with those of our investors. We partner with senior managers, who also invest their own capital in the business.


Marlow’s advisory operation is an independent provider of corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions advisory, and capital raising services. The Marlow professionals have specialized industry knowledge and experience, and provide corporate finance services with a wide range of transaction execution capabilities. We pride ourselves on protecting client confidentiality, prioritizing client's interests, clear constructive advice, avoidance of conflicts and giving each assignment senior-level attention.



27 11 280 4160

[email protected]